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Lost Liberty

Californians Legal Gun Owners, Americans

Do we stand by and allow the light of freedom to change to the shadow of unconditional submission and allow this shadow to cast its shroud over the liberty we have known.

Have we become so unaware, have our ranks grown so filled with apathy and our hearts with stone that we could find ourselves disarmed, disarmed without even suspicion of a crime or other wrong doings?

Are we to wake up one day outside our freemen’s dreams and instead wake up the generation that lost liberty?


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AAR – Women On Target 12-7-13


Our first Women On Target rifle class and it was a success. 7 of 9 (anybody get the Star Trek pun) ladies braved the rain and cold and showed up to Burro Canyon to learn the basics of how to safely handle and shoot a rifle.

At the end of the day after all of their training and shooting a bullseye target’s the students were treated to a “fun shoot” where they got to shoot pumpkins, fruit, and reactive targets. Needless to say everyone enjoyed that part the most. Most can’t wait to come back and take the class again and bring their friends.

Keep an eye out for our 2014 schedule.


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Mission Statement

Calguns Shooting Sports Association (CGSSA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment rights in California.
We are California firearms owners, collectors, hunters, enthusiasts, competitive and recreational shooters and others interested in safe and legal shooting sports and firearms related activities.

CGSSA’s functions and goals are to:

· Offer events where members can enjoy both competitive and recreational shooting in a safe and friendly environment.

· Introduce the shooting sports, firearms hobbies, safety, skills, and legal ownership to those interested but unfamiliar with firearms.

· Support, enhance, and defend our Second Amendment rights through grassroots advocacy.

· Be of service to our fellow enthusiasts and the firearms/shooting sports community throughout California.

CGSSA will have statewide oversight by a Board of Directors in strict compliance with State and Federal laws.
CGSSA is a volunteer organization with a strong bias towards local chapter management by the community and members.
CGSSA membership will be free with financial support provided by donors, sponsors, event fees, and other ancillary sources.



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The Calguns Shooting Sports Association (CGSSA) is committed to promoting recreational gun shooting, educating and Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights through participation in our Community.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.