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Magazine parts kits

By My375hp302

Ok I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while sorry, kids, work, life. I never did hear how the bn on mag parts kits shook out. Was there ever a test case? Indiviual parts ok? Two seperate packages from the same place with the parts seperated? Are there any online retailers working with us or selling mags already blocked to 10 rounds?

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Marin Co. v. Simon

By Go Navy

Simon, an M.D., age 71, and his wife were pursued home by a road rage driver. Dr. Simon pulled into his garage and started the door lowering. Mr. Road Rage rammed the partially closed door.

Dr. Simon retrieved a .357mag, fired one warning shot, Road Rage got out of his car and continued his threatening advance towards Dr. Simon. Simon then put two shots into Mr. Road Rage, wounding but not killing him. Very humane, Doctor.

A Judge (or was it a grand jury?) dismissed charges against Simon. Now, the Marin DA has indicted him on …read more

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Monthly North OC CGSSA Chapter Shoot

Another successful event completed, we welcomed several new shooters to Calguns and had a blast at this location. Next North OC shoot will be Tuesday 2/24. Can’t wait that long? Check out the Burro Monthly Shoot on 1/31, come to Women on Target on 2/7 or bring your valentine to the South OC monthly shoot on 2/13



Date: 1/27/15

Which Range: FT3 Tactical, Stanton, CA

Event Leader: Kevin Tobin (lgm118icbm)

Volunteer List: Sandy Vuong (minichnk)

Public AAR link: Photos and event summary posted in event thread.

How many showed: 16

Weather: Indoors

Range Fees: $12 range fee for each participant

Event Details: We had 1 attend the Calgunner in Training class.

Original Post:

Range Information:

Address: 8230 Electric Ave, Stanton, CA 90680, United States

Phone: (714) 677-2841


Extra Contact Information:

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CGSSA Insight Monthly Shoot 1/22/15

Another great event, we had a couple guys from San Diego area come up and attend our event. And we also have a handful of local guys attend the shoot for the first time.   We also had some non-members noticed us, and came over to us, and we handed them info about Calguns and told them to sign up, and gave them a date for next month to attend.

Extra Information: Small competition shoot will be added to the monthly Insight Shoot, only a $5 “Fee” for prizes as interest grows, this is not mandatory.


Range Fees: $13

Date: Thursday Jan 22, 2015
Time: 7:00-10:00 pm
Fees: I is either $13 flat rate.
Number of People who showed : 21

Original Post:

Follow all range rules. Pistol calibers only. You may bring shotgun, but must but their ammo.

17020 Alburtis Ave, Artesia, CA 90701


Extra Contact Information:

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