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NRA 3GE 3 Gun Experience

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Date: 3/15/15

Which Range: Burro Canyon, Azusa CA

Event Leader: Dan Confer

Weather: Warm

Range Fees: $35 includes range fee

Event Details: It was 3 stages set up in various configurations using 3x different types of firearm platforms. Centerfire pistol, .22lr rifle and shotguns.  This was a beginner / intermediate friendly course of fire. Total round count was only 40x .22lr 60x pistol & 30 shotgun.

The match started around 9:30am and ended by 2:00pm

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Range Information:

Address: 22100 East Fork Road Azusa, CA 91702

Phone: (626) 910-1344


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CGSSA Women on Target (WOT) Girl Scouts Pistol Course

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Date: Feb 21, 2015

Which Range: Burro Canyon Shooting Park East 1, Azusa CA

Event Leader: Dan McMonigle & Dan Confer

Volunteer List: Jacob Rascon, Dan Confer, Hilary Peplowski, Wendy Haufmen, Patricia Forman, Exxes Haufman, Ed Dave Liske, Bob Brennan, Jim

How many showed: 13 Students (10 Girl Scouts, 3 Adult Girl Scout leaders), 14 Instructors

Weather: Outstanding

Range Fees: N/A

Round Count: 840+

Event Details: Women On Target Pistol training, First ever in the nation for Girl Scout training in Pistol.

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Range Information:

Address: Burro Canyon Shooting Park, 22100 East Fork Road, Azusa, CA 91702

Phone: (626) 910-1344


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WOT Email: [email protected]

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