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Mission Statement

To help rebuild the California Shooting Sports Community.

The CALGUNS Shooting Sports Association believes that the 2nd Amendment must be maintained, exercised and advanced in order to keep it relevant within our current day California Shooting Community. To support this belief we:

1. Maintain: Bring California Firearms Owner out from behind their keyboards and back out to the range to meet like-minded people thereby encouraging what becomes a constantly developing community.

2. Exercise: Once out and meeting and gathering, empower this developing community with information about the political landscape and its effect on their future as well as what Shooting Sports Options there are and can be in California.

3. Advance: Encourage the developing community to reach out and involve others through education and community development events.

Warmest Regards

Jacob Rascon
(aka) Pennys Dad
President, CALGUNS Shooting Sports Assoc.
State Director, CALGUNS.Net Community Outreach
Appleseed and NRA Instructor

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John T. Nunes, Jr.

March 5, 2015at 11:09 am

President Jerry Rascon,
As a Life member of the NRA, ATA, CGSTA, CR&PA, long time club member of Santa Maria Gun Club, Santa Ynez Valley Sportsmens Association an original member of the Winchester Canyon Rifle Club that built the Glenn Annie range and negotiated with the USFS for the current West Camino Cielo range I ‘m surprised that until this morning’s EHAT news article about the Arroyo Burro site cleanup that I had never heard of your organization.
So glad to now know of your organization and sure hoping that you continue to encourage safe shooting activities. Regards, John

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.