After Action Report (AAR) Monthly Shoot’n’Que Burro Canyon – Sunday, 08/31 – Azusa

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After Action Report (AAR) Monthly Shoot’n’Que Burro Canyon – Sunday, 08/31 – Azusa

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Sunday was a hot day at Burro Canyon. 33 people attended. I suspect that the reduced headcount was due to the Labor Day holiday and the summer heat. This month the thread was closed when we reached a headcount of 60. Unfortunately several cancellations on Friday and Saturday dropped the attendees by 11 and there were 21 no shows. It is a fine line having to balance between people who sign-up and those who do not show. 

As usual the plates were full between the burgers, links, carne asada and a large tasty watermelon. We had a nice cooking area with and easy-up and again crazychinaman and bheard handled the cooking duties. Thanks Albert and Bruce! 

RFBIII once again ‘stepped up’ for the RSO duties. Thanks Bob! Note: additional RSO’s will be needed at future events on the East 1 range, due to the divided line, so folks, please volunteer to help!

Again Gun Effects, our shoot sponsor provided several great prizes. Our three prize winners were, RFBIII (Bob B.), Amalord (Amador S.) and Tank1974 (Troy M.). CGSSA provided a brick of 22lr which was won by cesarnono13 (Cesar C.). Reminder: Retain the non-winning raffle tickets as they will be used, for those who attend, during the quarterly Grand Prize drawing in September. 

Thanks to everyone for coming and special thanks for all those who helped make the event a success. 

See you next month.

David Mc

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