After Action Report: Women On Target 5/10/14

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After Action Report: Women On Target 5/10/14

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Event Name: Women On Target

Date: May 10, 2014

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Which Range: Burro Canyon Shooting Park, Azusa, CA

Who was the Event Leader: Ricky-Ray

Volunteer List: lgm118icbm, Pennys Dad, BuckleNose, intoforever, dagerk, 2nd Mass, csacannoneer, six seven tango, Pottymouth310, dw4dwc, HappyCamper781, catmman, Swaydude

How many showed: 16

Weather: Sunny, 70’s

Range Fees: $40 per lady

Event Details: 16 ladies came out to our NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic.  This month’s clinic focused on safe handling, storing and basic pistol marksmanship.  We had a few returning students form our rifle class and they even brought a friend or two of theirs and several mother’s that came with their daughters.  All had a great time and want to continue to learn more.

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