CGSSA 2014 Question: How would you suffer?

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CGSSA 2014 Question: How would you suffer?

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CGSSA 2014 Question: How would you suffer?

I am asking everyone this question answer it seriously and with detail if possible. I am asking this question to help everyone understand what is at stake and to help you know how to answer the question “why do you need a gun”.
One day an anti, or legislator or someone of influence may ask you the question and your answer needs to be honest, real and show consequence.

Here is my answer

My suffering:

[*]While living in Phoenix there was one night that Karen came to pick me up at work around 1130 pm. She had both kids in their car seats. While waiting for me a man/pimp was starting to beat up on a woman in the alley Karen had to park in to pick me up. When the male saw that she was there and saw everything he ran towards the car and tried to break in. She drew her .38 and pointed it at the male. He quickly ran off.

[*]On another occasion I was at the park with Karen, Sasha (grand daughter) and Penny. I saw two men acting suspiciously near the school buildings, they turned saw Sasha and Penny playing with Karen and decided to walk our way, less than 30 yards. I saw them walking towards us so I moved to a half way position between the two groups. My intent was clear, they stopped made a few stupid gestures and walked off in another direction. I know from my past training and current that i could deal with two jerks, but the what if’s started popping up in my mind.

[*]Penny was a puppy, would she run off scared and get lost or hurt?
[*]What if one had a gun, then what?
[*]How would Karen handle Sasha (3 years old) and Penny (8 months old) if they both where scared and running.
[*]What happens as Karen and I get older start to lose the ability to really be able to fight back?
[*]Karen had just gotten out of her surgical boot three weeks before, what if this had happened 4 weeks before and she had to scoop up Sasha and Penny and run, when she couldn’t?
[*]Why does my family have to be the victim because someone else is afraid of a gun?
[*]What if I wasn’t there.
Anyone else?
I am asking a serious question, so please give me your heart felt answer.

Follow this link and tell us your story :

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.