CGSSA Insight Monthly Shoot 1/22/15

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CGSSA Insight Monthly Shoot 1/22/15

Another great event, we had a couple guys from San Diego area come up and attend our event. And we also have a handful of local guys attend the shoot for the first time.   We also had some non-members noticed us, and came over to us, and we handed them info about Calguns and told them to sign up, and gave them a date for next month to attend.

Extra Information: Small competition shoot will be added to the monthly Insight Shoot, only a $5 “Fee” for prizes as interest grows, this is not mandatory.


Range Fees: $13

Date: Thursday Jan 22, 2015
Time: 7:00-10:00 pm
Fees: I is either $13 flat rate.
Number of People who showed : 21

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Follow all range rules. Pistol calibers only. You may bring shotgun, but must but their ammo.

17020 Alburtis Ave, Artesia, CA 90701


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