CGSSA January 2014 Rimfire Match

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CGSSA January 2014 Rimfire Match

CGSSA January 2014 Rimfire Match


Following are the classes of Targets.

Pistol: 15 and 25yd . Offhand and bench rest scored separately. Iron sights, red dot or non-magnifed scope. One winner for 15 yd and 25 yd each offhand and bench rest.

Rifle-Iron Sights: 25yd, 50yd and 100yd Aperture Sights only. This class of shooting is determined by the type of rear sight on the rifle. Any type front sight is allowed as long as there is no magnification.

Rifle Iron Sights: 25yd, 50yd and 100yd Open Rear Sight only. This class of shooting is determined by the type of rear sight on the rifle. Open rear sight of the Buckhorn (notched) or similar type only. Any type of front sight is allowed as long as there is no magnification.

Rifle Scoped: 50yd and 100yd (25yd scoped at the Coordinators discretion). No limit on magnification.

This is an online match. Print all targets at 100%. Colored targets may be printed in grayscale to save on color ink, shoot where and when you want. Annotate on the target the Distance, Score and type of sights used (ie. Scope, Aperature, Open, Red Dot). Take a picture of your target(s) and post in this thread for bragging rights!! and are two websites where you can host you target pictures and link to your post. Match runs from the 1st day of the month until the last day. Shoot as many targets as you want and post up to two targets for each target class.

Note: If the shot is touching the line, it is scored on the higher number.

I encourage meeting up with other match shooters. Any rimfire firearm is eligible. Shooting from a benchrest, prone, sitting, standing, hood of your car, leaning against a tree is acceptable. Using a rest in which the Rifle/Pistol can be locked down is verboten (ie. can’t do that).

Bonus Points

Here is how it will work. This is only on targets that have multiple shots on one target We shoot the targets as normal and add up the scores like normal. The twist is we shoot for groups as well. For example, if we are shooting 5 shots on each target. If none of the 5 bullet holes are touching you get no bonus points. If two are touching you get 2 bonus points. If three are touching you get 3 bonus points on up to 5 bonus points for each target.

(Clarification on this rule. The number of shots touching determines the bonus points. There are no additional points for a second group of touching shots. Example: In a five shot group if three shots touch that’s 3 bonus points. If the two remaining shots are touching but not touching the 3 shot group there are NO additional points. If two shots are touching and a second group of two shots are touching there are only TWO bonus points)

Finally for any questions just send a PM to the Match Co-ordinator for this month and he/she will get right back to you. Also feel free to send a PM with feedback/complaints/errors. Comments about the matches that are posted within the Match Thread will not be responded to, use PM only. Limit posts in the Match Thread to Target Posts and kudos to other shooters. These matches are based on “Gentlemen’s/Ladie’s Honor” so go shoot and have fun.

Make sure for each target indicate your total score and if not already indicated on the target note the distance shot and what type of sights. Ex: Score =xxx, Open or Aperture Sights, Scope, Red Dot. No fair shooting iron sight targets with a scope for score. )

Pistol: we will use the same targets for offhand and bench rest shooting. Mark your targets accordingly.

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