CGSSA Presents The Dueling Tree Massacre


Mark your calendars for the return of the Dueling Tree Massacre brought to you by the Calguns Shooting Sports Association. The event will take place on Sunday, November 22, 2015 at Wes Thompson’s Piru Gun Range (6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru Ca), just off the 126 Freeway between the Santa Clarita Valley, and Filmore about 60 minutes North of Downtown Los Angeles.

Equipment Requirements

The only limitations are the type of sights used on your firearm and compensator devices. This event is open to all handguns of pistol caliber with open sights. Open sights is defined as a 3 dot or similar sighting system. Ghost Rings, Red Dots, Lasers, and other types of sights electronic or otherwise are not permitted. This year compensators of any kind will not be allowed. That includes both factory and aftermarket devices. So if you have a GLOCK 22C you can use it, but you will need to swap the barrel for one that is not compensated.


This competition features two competitors shooting simultaneously, side by side in an elimination type of event. This competition will be a consolation elimination tournament where the winner of each relay will progress in one bracket, and the loser of each relay will progress in a second bracket. Winners of each relay in their respective bracket will continue to advance until there are only two competitors remaining. The final two competitors from the winner’s bracket will compete for 1st, and 2nd, and the final two competitors from the losers bracket will compete for 3rd. 

Course of Fire

Both competitors will begin facing a dueling tree with a total of 6 targets (3 facing one competitor and 3 facing the other competitor) approximately 40ft downrange. The targets on the tree will be 6” in diameter and to the extent possible will be multicolored. Each competitor can have no more than 4 ammunition feeding devices loaded with not more than 6 rounds of ammunition (this makes it revolver friendly). They can also have an unlimited number of loose ammunition available to them on the table in the supplied container. All firearms will be loaded to event capacity and competitors will start with their finger off the trigger in a “low ready” position. Ammunition feeding devices may be stored either on the table or on their person, but be readily accessible. The competition will begin at the sound of a whistle, and will continue for 30 seconds, or until one competitor has completely cleared their side of the dueling tree of ALL targets. If at the end of 30 seconds neither competitor has cleared their side of the dueling tree, the competitor with the least amount of targets on their side will be declared the winner of that string. The winner of 2 of the 3 total strings will be declared the winner of the round, and will progress forward in the winner bracket. The loser will progress in the non-winner bracket until he/she is eliminated a second time.

Firearm & Ammunition Requirements

This event is open to all handguns of 9mm caliber or greater. There is no chronograph, but the bullet will need to have sufficient power factor (Velocity X Weight) to swing the AR550 plates from one side to the other. Sight must be of an Open/Iron type, and be Semiautomatic.


7:00 AM Competitor Check-In
8:30 AM Competitor Check-In Closes
8:45 AM Shooters Meeting @ Registration Table
9:00 AM Competition Begins
12:00 PM Lunch Starts
12:30 PM Lunch Ends & Shooting Resumes
4:00 PM Shooting Concludes
4:30 PM Awards & Drawing


You can register on our ( *Registration will be limited to 128 competitors

Pre-Registration: $30.00 (Includes one ticket in the drawing)
On Site Registration: $40.00 (Includes one ticket in the drawing)
Lunch: Lunch will not be provided at this event, so plan accordingly.
*When you register, please complete the payment process as your place will not be held if the payment is not completed.


Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place winners, High Lady, and High Junior.

Prize Allocation

All prizes will be awarded via random draw.

Special Thank you to our Sponsors

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View or print the NRA sanction form here.

View or print the Competitor Briefing here.

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