Monthly Shoot Rancho Magnum Range – Fri, Jan 3rd – IE

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Monthly Shoot Rancho Magnum Range – Fri, Jan 3rd – IE

AAR Report
Event Name: CGSSA 14 Event – Monthly Shoot Rancho Magnum Range – Fri, Jan 3rd – IE
Date: 01/03/14
Which Range: Rancho Magnum Range
Who was the Event Leader: Justin aka Chaos47
Volunteer List: Travis aka Dirte, Diana aka PhysicsAngel, SeanCasey
How many showed: 18
(Optional) Round Count: Unknown
Weather: Indoors
Range Fees: $20 per Person. Private event after hours free pizza, water and soda.
Event Details:
The first shoot of the 2014 New Year for the Inland Empire Chapter of CGSSA was held on January 3rd. We had 18 people in attendance, ranging from beginners to experienced shooters. The Inland Empire monthly shoot is held every first Friday of the month at Rancho Magnum Range (RMR). This month we had a guest speaker California State Assemblyman Mike Morrell who represents the 40th district give a quick speech followed with a Question and Answer session.
General range time then followed. During this time people tested our their new firearms. New shooters learned the basics. And some shooters tried their hand at the NRA/Winchester Pistol Qualification. This month we had 3 new people earn the first rank in the program “Pro-Marksman”. Others worked on their progression of “Marksman 1st Class”. And one was able to complete the rank of “Sharpshooter”.
Congratulations to:
Jaymz earning the rank of “Pro-Marksman”
River Bound earning the rank of “Pro-Marksman”
ALV2297 earning the rank of “Pro-Marksman”
Chaos47 earning the rank of “Sharpshooter”
Also at the end of the night we had our competition. This month we chose to use 22LR Rifles. The competition was open to any style rifle and included scopes and iron sights. The field ranged from the Marlin 795 and Ruger 10/22 to AR style rifles. The target was a representation of the Time Square New Years Ball. The winner was the best 5 shot group at the ranges max distance of 45 feet.
Congratulations to:
1st Place winnre winning a CGSSA T-Shirt
2nd Place BlackstoneGhost winning a CGN Zombie Response Team Velcro Patch
3rd Place Glocked@45 winning a CGN Case Tag

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