Insight After Action Report. Weds, April 16, 2014

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Insight After Action Report. Weds, April 16, 2014

CGSSA After Action Report Format
Event Name:  Insight Monthly Shoot
Date: Tuesday , May 20, 2014
Which Range: Insight Shooting Range
Who was the Event Leader: fighterpilot562
Volunteer List: HappyCamper781
Public AAR link:
How many showed: 10  people
Weather: 70  and clear
Range Fees: $15 without Ammo Purchase. $13 with Ammo Purchase. Flat free.
Event Details:
Our 2nd event went good, everyone was a bit late, but we did have 10 people total. Everyone talked, hung out and shot each others guns. Many new members attended and enjoyed themselves. Afterwords a group of us went to dinner.
Will set up another event for next month.

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