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CGSSA Reprint of NRA-ILA news: Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County

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CGSSA Reprint of NRA-ILA news: Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County

NRA-ILA Link to the story and resources:


Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County:

We recently learned that local law enforcement entities are conducting firearm confiscation raids in your area on behalf of the California Department of Justice, as part of its Armed Prohibited Persons System (“APPS”) program. These raids are typically conducted without search warrants.

Be prepared! While these raids are promoted by politicians as intended to disarm dangerous criminals, they actually more often target unsuspecting citizens who present no danger and have no idea that they are prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.

Watch this video for background on APPS’s shortcomings and injustices, and this revealing video in review of a former DOJ Special Agent who formerly conducted APPS raids.

For an overview of how these confiscations are conducted, and information about your rights when subjected to one, read this memorandum.

If you are uncertain if you are prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition, check your eligibility by submitting a Personal Firearms Eligibility Check application to the California Department of Justice.

If you are prohibited from possessing firearms, contact an attorney to discuss how best to restore your rights and comply with the law.

If law enforcement shows up at your home asking about firearms:

Don’t talk! Officers are trained to get people to make statements that provide “probable cause” to search and seize. Try not to even open the door.
Instead, provide the officers with this flyer, or tell the officers that you assert your right to remain silent and want to have an attorney present (actually say those words).
Do NOT “consent” to a search of your person, possessions, or home. Insist on a search warrant. If they don’t have a warrant, refuse the search entirely and close the door.
Consult a lawyer immediately.

Confirm whether you may legally possess firearms and learn your rights! Don’t take the rap for APPS!

Reprint of CALGUNLAWS.Com memorandum


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