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AAR – Forward Assist Training Carbine 102 Skillbuilder 7-20-14

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Sunday went well. Overcast in the AM, burning off to make for a warm afternoon, everyone was encouraged to stay hydrated. 4 instructors & 9 students total. We started at 10:00 am, broke for lunch at 1:00, stopped at 5: 00 pm. We started off with morning orientation and safety briefing. The days COF included different shooting positions, kneeling, sitting and prone. Turning drills, moving and shooting drills, sprint and shoot drills, transitions for primary to secondary. Everyone shot well. All safety protocols were followed without incidents. Awards were given out at days end ceremony for “Most Improved” and “Top Dog”.







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Azusa – CGSSA/Calguns Monthly Shoot at Burro Canyon

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Azusa – CGSSA/Calguns Monthly Shoot at Burro Canyon

CGSSA – Post for CGSSA

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014

Start Time: 9:00 AM End Time: 4:00 PM

Range Fee: $20, pay at Burro Canyon Office. Burro Canyon members are free. Sign in at the office and tell them you are with the Calguns group on E1.

[CENTER][SIZE=”4″][B]** Cease fire will be called at 3:15 PM.  Teardown and clean-up will begin then and the event will end at [U]4:00 PM[/U]. **

Need three/four volunteer RSO’s for these events.  Please PM me or post response indicating that you will volunteer, thanks.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=”3″][B]RSO volunteers -[/B][/SIZE]





Below are some info. URL’s about BCSP



We are hosting a general shooting line with pot luck eats again at E1, the long range.

Bring food and drinks for the Pot Luck.

Sign in at the office, 9 AM, cease fire and clean-up @ 3:15 PM with the event ending at 4:00 PM.

Burro Canyon is NOT allowing bullets containing steel, or steel targets/frames. So don’t bring ’em. Call the Burro office at 626-910-1344 if you have questions.

Safety briefing is slated for 10:00 AM.

We will be checking ammo with magnets.

Location Details:

Burro Canyon Shooting Park

22100 East Fork Road

Azusa CA 91702 US

Burro Office – 626 910-1344

If you would like, bring your propane BBQ’s and food/drinks to share. Wood and Charcoal grills are NOT allowed.

Shoots are pre-scheduled every month this year so check the monthly schedule dates @ [url][B][U]http://www.calendarwiz.com/calguns[/U][/B][/url]

[SIZE=”5″][B]The monthly Shoot’n’Que is sponsored by:[/B][/SIZE]

[B][U]Gun Effects new store Grand Opening now and for the month of June.

15313 Gale Ave., City of Industry, CA 91706



[SIZE=”3″][U]Monthly raffle:[/U] Our sponsor provides three raffle items each month for those that have responded to this thread.  See organizer for tickets. [B]”Remember to keep your non-winning raffle tickets for the chance at the quarterly (June, September, December) drawings to win an ‘at cost’ item from Enterprise/Gun Effects, our sponsor.”[/B]  [U]Winners must be present![/U] [/SIZE]

[B]PS: Coolers are usually in short supply. Bringing one full of ice is always appreciated.[/B]

Please respond to this thread if you will be coming and the following post will show those that have confirmed.

Link – http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=954413

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After Action Report (AAR) Monthly Shoot’n’Que Burro Canyon – Sun, 06/29 – Azusa

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CGN Link: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=944813
Sunday was a beautiful day at Burro Canyon. At one point I counted 70 people and more people kept coming. The line on East 1 has been shortened by 30 feet due to the new berm running right down the middle. Even so the group had a wonderful day sharing the shortened line. Everyone made a huge effort to provide space when needed. As usual the plates were full between the burgers, links, chicken kabobs, pork, casseroles and other dishes everyone topped off their tanks and ate well.

There was one injury to report. One shooter had his face a little to near the scope and was surprised by the recoil and received a cut in the eyebrow area, a perfect quarter circle that fortunately missed the eye. Our first aid kit came in handy and the wound was cleaned, treated and bandaged. Some of the onlookers recommended that the shooter have it checked in the event that stitches might be needed.

Repo4sale, RFBIII and santmonica9, with pennysdad helping, did yeoman’s work as RSO’s. This was considerably complicated due to the divide line. It was difficult to coordinate the two separated firing lines but they did a remarkable job. Thanks for their hard work and help. Special note: Extra RSO’s will be needed at future events on the East 1 range, due to the divided line complications. So folks, please volunteer to help!

Our three raffle prize winners were, Bob Brennan, Alex Pimentel and Larson E. The first quarterly prize winner, of the ‘at cost’ item from Gun Effects (our sponsor and provider of all the raffle prizes) was Timothy Cheung, a new shooter at our events. Good going Kairo! And remember to tell us what item you chose. All old non-winning raffle tickets have been tossed and a new round will begin next month.

The final ceasefire was called around 3:15 and teardown and cleanup was completed on time for the 4:00 event conclusion. Thanks everyone for getting this completed in a timely manner.

All in all the event was a success and comments indicated everyone had a great time. See you next month.

David Mc


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