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FAT/CGSSA Carbine Core Skill Builder

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Date: 11/15/15
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Which Range: Burro Cyn Shooting Park
Event Leader: Ken Takahashi
Weather: Mid 60’s w/rain
Class Fees: $100
Location: Burro Canyon Shooting Park, 22100 East Fork Road, Azusa, CA 91702
Attendees: 10 students, 2 assistant instructors, 4 Forward Assist NRA Certified Instructors.
Range Information:
The purpose of this event was to focus on core fundamentals. Field stripping the AR-15 platform for cleaning, familiarity and general maintenance. Familiarity of weapons handling included proper stance, hold, grip, site alignment and site picture with the use of optics and iron sites along with trigger control, follow through and basic shooting and lastly moving drills. Class took shelter during heavy rainfall and then continued uninterrupted. At days end ceremony Steven won a cleaning kit from Western Firearms and first time shooter Diana won “Top Banana.” Way to go Diana! All safety protocols of the shooting site and general weapons handling had been followed without incident.

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