CGSSA Carbine/Pistol #101

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CGSSA Carbine/Pistol #101



Date: 2/15/15

Which Range: Prado Olympic Shooting Park, Corona CA

Event Leader: Ken & Daniel

Volunteer List: 5 Forward Assist Instructors and 2 Volunteer Assistants

How many showed: 11

Weather: Outdoors/Fair Weather

Range Fees: $80-$100 range fee for each participant

Event Details: 2x awards were given out at end of day ceremony. The “Top Banana” award went to newcomer Steve and “Like A Boss” patch went to Cirtus.

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Range Information:

Address: 17501 Pomona Rincon Rd, Chino CA. 91708

Phone: (909) 597-4794


Extra Contact Information:

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