CGSSA Monthly Shoot Insight Shooting Range

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CGSSA Monthly Shoot Insight Shooting Range



CGN Link:

Date: Nov 20, 2014

Which Range: Insight Shooting Range

Who was the Event Leader: fighterpilot562

Volunteer List: AfterActionReport

How many showed: 14

Weather: 50s

Range Fees: $13

Event Details:Another good event. 3 new shooters came along with other members, one enjoyed it so much, he joined calguns and plans on buying his first gun and attending more events. Another said she plans on buying her first gun soon for home defense. We also had a handful of members attending for the first time and one lurker. We had many donate prizes and money for prices for our shooting competition. Even the range owner came into the range and got into the shooting competition.
Also the NRA MC of Long Beach was having their meeting that day, and we over heard them talking about calguns and knew we were there. All in all, a good event!

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