San Fernando Valley The Firing Line Burbank Monthly Shoot – 03/28/2014

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San Fernando Valley The Firing Line Burbank Monthly Shoot – 03/28/2014

Event Name: AAR – Monthly Shoot SFV Chapter
Date: 03/28/2014
Which Range: The Firing Line; Burbank
Who was the Event Leader: RoundEye
Volunteer List: pennys dad, Kestryll
How many showed: 20 (+/- 5)
Round Count: Optional
Weather: Indoor / Fair
Range Fees: $10
*** Donations Collected: $21.00 ***
Event Details:
This was another great event for the SFV Chapter of the CGSSA.  The meet was underway shortly after 7PM.  We had a long range (500yd) WIFI camera kit on display and being tested/demoed courtesy of Bullseye Shooting Systems, LLC.  A marksmanship competition took place where Calgunners went head to head for a chance to win a 50% Off (up to $1,000) Gift Card to Safariland’s for gear and accessories.  Our winner for the night with an awesome score of 86 points went to Patricia.  Pizza was served right before 8:30PM, after which shooting continued until closing time (10PM).
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