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AAR Monthly Shoot Island View – Fri, 07/25 – Ventura

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Well, it’s been a seesaw at the meets, July turned up less than ten Calgunners. But as I always say “I’ll take quality over quantity any time.”

Sightings: flyingmunkey, roll2li, saw’doffshorty, luisjr and new to our shoot SocialYoda. Didn’t catch the few others screen names that were there.

Great talking with you all. We, of course, discussed the hottest topic in Ventura County… LTC. Got to shoot a FN FiveSeven and man is that a fun gun, wonder if the kids will mind if I dip into the college funds.

roll2li mentioned WD’s Gun Exchange in Ventura is closing their doors in August.  Stop by and give your farewells and see if you can’t help ’em close out their inventory. Sad to see any FFL closing shop, I wish them the best.

Hopefully you all used the code I gave for the ar500armor.com giveaway, that prize contest should be just about wrapped up this month. 

Also, some of us shot the target for the Zev Tech Glock Fulcrum Trigger giveaway. Make sure to post your targets in that thread. Being that GlockWorx is located in Oxnard, I feel it’s only right that one of us win the contest and keep it local!

Thanks a million to the crew at Island View Ent for hosting us. Check the pro shop for all your SSE needs.

I’m going to try to get the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program ready for next month, so watch out for that.

See you all next month, last Friday…

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AAR Monthly Shoot Island View – Fri, 06/27 – Ventura

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CGN Link: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=14381766



Our May monthly shoot was slow, only half dozen shooters. June was exactly the opposite! I think there were at least 40-50 shooters that came through the range between 1730-2000 (not all calgunners though ).

Signed in: far from tactical ; rightcue805 ; 22socal40 ; oceanreach ; madreno; DefrostFX ; nfouarge ; kai ; sillymeeh7 ; John142 ; shaunsational; frankinca

There were more, I guess over twenty. Thanks to IVE for being great hosts, they handled the surge well. Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped to say hi. Great talking with you all. Got to have some great conversations with soon to be calgunners too.

DefrostFX and rightcue805 made sure I didn’t even have to open my case to shoot! Thanks guys for letting me fire off some rounds of your awesome boom sticks.

Picked up my winning ticket from IVE to win a Sig 226 Dark Elite to benefit the Ventura PD K9 Unit. Drawing is being held 07/19 so grab a ticket or two next time your in the pro shop.

Have a great fourth of July weekend and hope to see you at our next shoot July 25th.

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